Friday, November 11, 2016

Think Strategically, Act Tactically With ISO 9001:2015

You are in business for a reason. One of those reasons involves the successful setting and achieving of long-range goals. And, in order to achieve those goals, strategic plans were executed.  From a business standpoint, tactical day-to-day operations, which are short term, need to support the strategic plans of an organization. This includes items such as scheduling, training, lean programs and an effective Quality Management System (QMS).

ISO 9001:2015 and Strategic Direction
ISO 9001:2015 has several places where it refers to “…the strategic direction…” of the organization. For example, in clause 5.1.1 under Leadership, it states that top management demonstrates leadership by, in part, “ensuring that the quality policy and the quality objectives are established….and are compatible with the context and strategic direction of the organization.” Also, in clause 9.3.1 under Top Management, it states that top management will ensure “alignment with the strategic direction of the organization.” The ISO 9001:2015 mentions of the organization’s strategic direction is not just limited to these two clauses. In fact, it is embedded throughout the entire document.

Full Integration is Key
The new ISO 9001:2015 standard ensures that QMS requirements are integrated into the business processes by top management. QMS should not be viewed as just an add-on.  It should be a fully integrated part of the business model. As you are planning changes in your operation, regardless if those changes are a result of a lean initiative, six sigma project, new website or quality initiative, you need to review those changes strategically. You need to ask yourself: Are these changes consistent with the strategic direction? Will these changes impede our long term goals? Will the ripple effect have a negative impact on the strategic plan?

It is way too easy to veer from the strategic plan with small decisions. Keeping the strategic direction in mind while performing the tactical will go far in achieving those long term goals you set to achieve. Think strategically and act tactically!

Let The Center Assist You
If your manufacturing company is ISO 9001 certified or considering achieving this credential, let the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center help. Our experienced facilitators can guide you through the process of earning and maintaining your ISO 9001 certification. To learn more, call The Center at 888.414.6682 or click here.

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