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Enhancing Business Development Through ISO 9001 Certification

Enhancing Business Development Through ISO 9001 Certification
Manufacturers across the United States are always searching for new ways to enhance the growth and development of their organizations, commonly focusing on the optimization of key areas, such as profitability, productivity and customer satisfaction. The challenge most manufacturers face however, is optimizing these key areas simultaneously. For many, an approach to conquering this challenge has been recognized through the adoption of ISO 9001 certification. But for some, the importance of becoming ISO certified is still in question.  

As most are aware, the ISO series is the most globally recognized set of Quality Management System (QMS) standards. ISO 9001 is based on numerous quality management principles which involve the contribution and motivation of upper management, the practice of continuous improvement, and a strong customer focus. Becoming ISO certified not only aids manufacturers in bolstering compliance efforts, but also helps them to recognize the other countless benefits that enhance the development of their business:

Enhancement of Organizational Communication
Raising quality awareness among employees and involving them with quality management systems will improve the communication within a company. In turn, this will help middle and top management define key solutions in addressing and solving internal issues that are a hindrance to the organization’s productivity and success. In addition to improving processes, obtaining certification boosts effective teamwork practices across all functional levels of an organization and encourages interdepartmental cohesiveness.


Increased Sales
Manufacturers who are ISO certified offer superior products and services to customers. As a result, many prefer to purchase products from manufacturers with this certification. ISO 9001 increases sales by showcasing the company’s process, which will increase repetitive business and maintain/obtain orders from customers who require ISO 9001. By increasing value, companies are also able to increase profit margins.

Fewer Quality Audits
The tools necessary to develop superior quality management systems are included in ISO certifications. As a result, fewer customer complaints and quality audits will occur. Manufacturers will be able to focus on the central aspects of their business which are more important and will be able to use resources more efficiently, rather than having to make adjustments and change directions.

By obtaining ISO 9001 certification, manufacturers both large and small have reported other numerous benefits, such as it:
    • Creates marketing opportunities
    • Demonstrates ability to meet expectations
    • Ensures safety/quality of goods and services
    • Expands clientele
    • Highlights deficiencies
    • Improves company perception
    • Increases demand for products/services and market share
    • Provides an efficient/effective management process
    • Provides continuous assessment and improvement 
                By obtaining ISO 9001 certification, manufacturers are forced to examine every process and every service and/or product they produce. They are able to achieve primary objectives while sustaining operational excellence within their organization and customer satisfaction. ISO 9001 certification provides the foundation to achieving organizational goals of profitability, optimal productivity and quality of goods and services. Most importantly, as more and more larger corporations are requiring ISO 9001, manufacturers who do not adopt the certification will limit the business they can do and eventually fall behind in the marketplace.

                Note: ISO is administered and granted externally. The International Organization for Standardization develops international standards, but does not grant certifications. Third-party certification bodies provide independent confirmation for organizations who meet the requirements of ISO 9001.

                If your manufacturing company is ISO 9001 certified or considering achieving this credential, let the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center help. Our experienced facilitators can guide you through the process of earning and maintaining your ISO 9001 certification.

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