Friday, March 11, 2016

Selecting the Right Candidates and Attracting Them to Your Company

Selecting the Right Candidates and Attracting Them to Your Company
In last week’s blog entry, we provided recruiting tips for manufacturers. When you’re looking to identify top talent, getting your company’s pipeline rich with prospective employees is important… but that’s only half the battle.

After you’ve collected resumes, it’s time to successfully select and hire the right candidate for your business. With no crystal ball, managers must rely on a combination of structured hiring processes and instinct. Choosing the wrong candidate can be a costly mistake.

5 Applicant Screening Tips

Hundreds of candidates can emerge for a single job opening, but screening must be done quickly and effectively. Avoid making mistakes during the screening phase with the following steps:

  1. Scan the cover letter for typographical errors. Spelling, grammar and syntax mistakes could be an indication the candidate lacks attention to detail. Eliminate resumes with glaring mistakes.
  1. Take a closer look at the content of each cover letter and resume. What does that applicant have to offer? What is their “value proposition”? Most importantly, look for quantifiable achievements as they relate to your business.
  1. Review the resume for employment dates. Look for longevity at each job, as “job hopping” could be a hint of an underlying problem. Be aware of any gaps in employment which don’t provide an explanation.
  1. Look for candidates meeting educational and employment requirements.
  1. Once all of the possible candidates are identified, schedule a short phone interview prior to setting up a face-to-face interview.

Tips for Conducting the Interview Process

Most candidates can present well for an hour or two. As the interviewer, it is your job to get beyond that veneer and learn how the person will perform on the job. Assess the candidate’s fit with your corporate culture. Ask questions that will show if the candidate has the right skillset and demeanor. 

Incorporate managers and front line employees into the interviewing process. This group has firsthand knowledge of job demands and stressors. If a job requires technical competency, incorporate a test of practical knowledge. A test weeds out candidates that lack proficiency.

Branding Yourself as the Employer of Choice 

There’s nothing worse than identifying the perfect potential employee only to have him or her turn down the job offer. It’s critical for your company to improve and promote its brand image to attract the most desirable candidates:

  • Build a reputation for hiring and retaining only the hardest working and most motivated employees for each position. The word gets out.
  • Encourage a culture of innovation and debate. Employees must know their opinions and feedback are valued and acted upon. Emphasize this to potential workers.
  • Employers of choice walk the talk. They don’t just espouse virtues of being good citizens, they are socially responsible in their business practices.
  • Offer a desirable benefits package if economically feasible. It is important to understand what your target audience considers valuable.
  • Provide a clear path for advancement for potential new hires. Top performers are usually not content for very long at one level.

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