Friday, March 18, 2016

Boost Welding Profits with Improved Analytics

Now, more than ever before, the economy is experiencing a more competitive manufacturing
industry. Taking advantage of every opportunity is crucial in keeping up with and surpassing the competition. If your business is already an industry leader, continuous improvement is necessary to stay ahead of the pack.

Investing in Equipment
When thinking about investing in new welding equipment, there are some important things to consider.  The latest generation of welding equipment is designed with embedded capability of welding-data capturing and analytic software, which can help metal formers elevate their weld-shop quality and productivity to new heights. These new data and analytics packages allow real time identification of problems so the manufacturer can reduce costs, fine tune welder training, and prevent weld defects.

See An Example
The welding parameter monitoring capabilities of the newest Robotic MIG PSU has helped a leading TIER 1 automotive supplier improve their product quality consistency, which in turn has brought them to the top of the OEM Quality List.  It has also decreased the number of expensive destructive tests and laid the foundation for optimizing the preventive maintenance procedure, all while reducing the number of emergency equipment stoppages.

The latest issue of Metal Forming Magazine (March 2016) contains a useful article providing an overview and summarized highlights of the recent generation of welding equipment from major suppliers.

View It Here (Click on Image) 

This article is useful for welding engineers, welding managers and operational managers who are looking to stay competitive and further improve the welding operations quality consistency, productivity and overall cost efficiency.

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