Friday, May 1, 2015

Why Manufacturers Should Embrace Google+

google plus
As manufacturers look for ways to develop new business, generate leads, and drive sales, social media has become an increasingly important topic. Many companies are starting to realize the benefits of social networking and have therefore embraced sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. However, many businesses have overlooked the benefits of using Google+.

What you need to know is that Google+ is important to your digital strategy. Although this platform isn’t as massive as other social giants, Google+ still has 540 million monthly active users and 20 million unique mobile monthly users.

Here are some key reasons why you should join:

Appeal to the All Mighty Google
Google is king when it comes to Internet search engines. Using Google+ provides an incredible opportunity to drive traffic to your website and boost search engine rankings. In comparison to other social networks, Google+ posts get the upper hand in search results because the content is favored by its creator: Google!

Additionally, your Google+ content posts can be ranked on search engines because every post has its own unique URL. Each Google+ post is crawled and indexed almost immediately – unlike Facebook, where posts sometimes aren’t indexed at all. The more quality content your business produces online, the better. Sticking to a consistent posting strategy on Google+ will also provide you with another way to be better found on the Internet.

Value of the +1 Button
Unlike the “likes” on Facebook and “retweets” on Twitter, Google+’s +1 functionality takes your content much further by having a larger, positive impact on your search engine rankings. For example, if one of your popular Google+ posts got several +1’s from your followers, this post is more likely to rank in search engines for the keywords included in your post.

Building an Even Stronger Online Presence
Your Google+ posts are actually comparable to a full-blown blog entry, which is a good thing! The first 45-50 characters of your Google+ post appear in the title tags, providing an opportunity to increase your search engine credit. And, since you can write in-depth and informative posts on the platform, you can provide higher quality content to your target audience. The average percentage of the engagement rate on Google+ almost reaches that of Facebook.

More Opportunities for Hashtags
When you use #hashtags on Twitter, it enables users to search for a particular keyword or topic – but only on Twitter. When you use a #hashtag on Google+, your content can be discovered on the first page of Google’s search engine results as well. Google+ will also suggest trending #hashtags that are related to your content so you’ll automatically get insight into other popular #hashtags to use.

Utilize Google+ Today
Google+ may not be as commonly mentioned as other social media platforms for business, but it provides a critical opportunity to share quality content online.

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