Friday, March 27, 2015

WEAVING THE WEB OF SUCCESS: 11 Things Hindering Your Website's Performance

We've all heard the buzz about what should be done with a website, but we often forget the simple things that actually drag websites down. Take a few minutes and pay close attention to the following Top 11 things you should NOT do as it relates to your own company website:
  1. Don't think your website just sits there. On too many occasions, MMTC has heard from clients, ‘My website doesn't do anything for us so I don't want to invest in it’. Have you ever considered your website doesn't do anything because YOU haven't invested in it? As your only 24/7 salesman, your website is always available, knowledgeable, and making the same lasting impression to viewers as they would get by stepping into the lobby of your business. Make sure it showcases your business the best it can!

  2. Don't ramble. Excessive webpage content is virtually useless and often ignored. Similar to how people read material, search engines get "tired" of reading never ending page content. They skip over the end of long paragraphs and sections just like most people do. As a result, your company’s website may be ranked lower on a search engine’s results page following a search. Break up content into separate landing pages.

  3. Don’t ignore the importance of headline tagging. Headlines (nicknamed H1s & H2s) are extremely important for search rankings. On your homepage, do you have the headline entitled, "Welcome to Our Website"? I hope not! This is the perfect example of a wasted opportunity. It’s not keyword specific and does not contain anything that is relevant to your website. Tailor it to highlight your company’s unique niche!

  4. Don’t put competitor names in your website Meta data. There is a major misconception out there that adding competitor names to the Meta data of your website helps you “pop up” in results when someone searches them. NEWSFLASH: This will most likely never happen. Search engines look for front-end relevance to back-end (Meta data) content. This means if the keywords you place in your Meta data are not found on your viewable website, search engines will “ding” your ranking. Don't put keywords in the back-end of your website that you wouldn't display to the viewer.

  5. Don't change SEO data too often. Changing search engine Meta tags too often can leave you spinning your wheels. Why? Search engines, on average, re-index an active site every two to four weeks. If a rewording or re-prioritizing of keywords is done between indexing intervals, your original efforts will never show up and you can never measure your efforts.

  6. Waiting to launch a new site until it's PERFECT. DON'T FORGET: The reason you started a new web project in the first place was most likely because your old website stunk. Consider launching a new site, even if all you have is the basics, and make changes as you go. Publishing a fresh company website will gain you search engine momentum.

  7. Don't put much effort into a "Related Links" page. Links you provide to your client as a resource are actually directing visitors away from your site. Be careful on how you use them. The links you GET, not give, are best for SEO.

  8. Don't make an equipment list your main feature. Your website should not only reflect your tangible capabilities, but also those that address customer pains. Showcase what sets you apart, besides machine types, from the shop down the street.

  9. Don't use “Under Construction” pages for unpublished content. If it's under construction, leave it that way. Remove the link, navigation item, button, and Under Construction notice.

  10. Don't link to inactive social media accounts. A button that takes a consumer to your company’s 2009 frozen-in-time Facebook page is a complete letdown. If your social media content isn't going to be reasonably maintained, it's better not to promote it. It turns the notion of social media from "everybody is doing it" to "we tried and we failed”.

  11. Don't be annoyed by SEO spammers. The more popular your website gets, the more spam you will receive, especially by those who claim to improve your SEO rankings. Delete them knowing your site is gaining importance along with the eye of various web crawlers.
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