Friday, October 3, 2014

National Manufacturing Day: The Perfect Time to Reflect on Michigan’s Progress

manufacturing day 2014
It’s finally here! Break out the champagne and blow your kazoos in New Year’s Eve style… today is the third annual National Manufacturing Day!  National Manufacturing Day is our industry’s nationwide effort to accomplish two key objectives:

  1. Change our country’s perception of manufacturing careers by spreading awareness about the diverse careers and benefits that manufacturing has to offer.
  2. Convey the message that U.S. manufacturing is vital to our economy.

Our recent blog entries have  discussed the importance of the celebration, various events going on around Michigan and the country, and some highlights from our sponsors. This time around, we feel that today is the perfect time to reflect on the progress that Michigan manufacturing has made and look forward to a brighter future!

A recent article titled, “Manufacturing Rebound Puts Michigan Back in the Ball Game,” by Jack Spencer, shares data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and information from the Michigan Manufacturing Association to  cumulatively paint the picture of our comeback.

We don’t need to relive the economic downturn, but Michigan was hit during the crash of 2008 and manufacturing jobs fell below the 500,000-level. While of course unfortunate, we’re working hard (and succeeding) at creating a happy ending to the story. Take these facts into consideration:

  • We’re outperforming the entire U.S. in manufacturing job growth.
  • Since 2009, we’ve added more than 110,000 new manufacturing positions.
  • Between May 2012 and May 2014, our state was ranked first in the country for gross manufacturing jobs. Our net gain of 25,000 jobs exceeded second-place Texas, which gained a net of 22,000 jobs…and we’re a lot smaller!
  • Total manufacturing production has recovered and come back to our state’s level in 2007.
  • Michigan currently ranks #4 in manufacturing, with over $70 billion in annual output.
  • Michigan manufacturing accounts for 16.5% of our total gross state product, up from less 14% in 2009.
  • Manufacturing accounts for 94% of Michigan’s’ exports.
  • Since 2009, Michigan’s manufactured exports have grown 78%, compared to 47% for the U.S. as a whole.
  • The creation of the American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute is projected to bring 10,000 jobs to Michigan over the next five years.

The success of our industry also creates a ripple effect for the rest of our state. This quote from Chuck Hadden, President and CEO of the Michigan Manufacturing Association, captures the impact: “Michigan employs more than 565,000 men and women directly in manufacturing. This does not even take into account the hundreds of thousands, millions even, of jobs that are available in communities because they have a manufacturer nearby. The incredible thing about manufacturing in Michigan is that it is an industry that shares its successes with every community and every person in the state.”

Today on National Manufacturing Day, let’s celebrate our progress and remember why we’re experiencing growth: the resilience and innovation of Michigan’s manufacturers.

On behalf of MMTC, Happy National Manufacturing Day everyone!

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