Friday, May 16, 2014

Break the Slump: Energize your Workforce through “Re-on-boarding”

My coworker mentioned her Memorial Day plans to me earlier, and it made me realize that summer is right around the corner. I got to thinking about how students get a summer vacation… oh to be young again!

Fewer things are more perfect in summertime than running around the neighborhood, spending time at the swimming pool, cook-outs, and watching your baseball team hit one out of the park. But as everyone knows, sometimes it rains, you get tired of cook-outs and your favorite player falls into a slump. Summer loses its spark.

So what does this have to do with business?

When you start a new job, it’s a lot like heading into the summer. It’s a fresh start. There’s the rush of meeting new people and a genuine excitement about starting a new journey. Managers walk you through the training process, teach you about the company and orient you to the culture. Many hiring managers refer to this as on-boarding. Everything is new and fun as you find your niche and start contributing to the organization.

Unfortunately, the business world is not a summer vacation. Once you develop a routine, the excitement fades and the joy of learning new things turns to the tedium of predictableness. The endless cycle of deadlines and moving product in and out of your work station, catches up to you.
This is where re-on-boarding can help.

Chances are, many people on your staff have been there for a lengthy period of time and the anticipation and excitement of learning new things has flown the coup years ago. Re-on-boarding your employees, or addressing their hitting slump, is something that should be done periodically to help benefit your company.

Most hitting slumps are less mechanics or process and procedure problems, and more mental. The same with employees. Re-On-Boarding is less like a new employee orientation and more like a recognition of commitment to the job and acknowledging things done well. Take the opportunity to refresh the vision for their specific job responsibilities and link it to the bottom line and customer satisfaction. Your company culture, key offerings, or standard procedures may have changed over the years. Rejuvenate your team to make sure they are integrating into the corporate culture and contributing to your company’s goals. According to Robert Bilotti of Novarti, staff members that complete the re-on-boarding process are:

  • 85% more likely to contribute their ideas for improvements.
  • 48% more likely to feel a strong sense of commitment to help the company be successful.
  • 95% more likely to feel part of a team working towards a common goal.
  • 207% more likely to feel the company was committed to their learning and development.
  • 481% more likely to have an impression of the company as organized.
  • 51% more likely to have an impression of the company as dynamic.
  • 65% more likely to have an impression of the company as caring.

All staff members should be treated with the same passion and excitement as new employees. Consider re-on-boarding your team and reignite the feeling of “new” for your team!

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