Friday, March 14, 2014

Michigan in March: Detroit Love, PI Day and Green Beer

In addition to being a harbinger of spring . . . something that is desperately desired by virtually every Michigan resident this year . . . . March brings us wonderful local and internationally recognized holidays. 

First, we have 313 Day - reflecting love for one of our most notable cities, Detroit. This 'holiday' is gaining steam and this year featured special gifts for some of our newest Michigan residents. Pure Detroit posted about it earlier this week. If you haven't read or heard about it, check it out. Start your [family] planning now for next year's celebration.

Pi Day, following 313, is an official US Holiday. A Detroit Free Press article sums it up well. The holiday designation was issued in the hopes of promoting mathematical studies, but sitting down to a slice of your favorite pie is certainly not out of the question. Be sure to get ready for next year, as it will be 3.14.15, and if you know the next few digits of pi, you'll be especially excited around 9:26:53 am/pm. . . .For a fun Pi calculator, check out or visit the official piday website.

And finally, March 17th falls on Monday this year, but don't let that keep you from the green beer and other festivities marking the St. Patrick's Day celebrations around our great state. For a little fun, check out the Michgian Beer Film. This film created by Kalamazoo based Rhine Media Productions, in support of Michigan's growing craft beer industry, is being shown around the state at various locations. For more information or to purchase the film, check out their website. The three minute trailer should whet your appetite for more. 

What are your favorite days to celebrate in March? 


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