Friday, July 12, 2013

NewsFlash: Ripped From the [MEP] Manufacturing Headlines

As part of the Hollings Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP), MMTC has access to expertise from other MEP centers like ours, across the country. With over 59 centers, that’s a lot of knowledge. This week, we’d like to 'interrupt this program' to highlight a few entries from our sister blog, Manufacturing Innovation. They, like us, write about trends and issues related to Manufacturing. While we’re focused on Michigan, they focus on the entire United States. Sometimes, it’s nice to hear a different voice.

NIST MEP’s mission is to support our nation’s Manufacturing base, the strength of our economy. One of the many initiatives designed to highlight that is Manufacturing Day. Last year, more than 240 events with over 7,000 participants took place across the country. This year, we’d like to increase that number.

The goal of Manufacturing Day is to bring together educators, students, parents, manufacturers, government officials, nonprofits, media, companies like Discovery Communication’s Science Channel, and community representatives, to showcase innovation and new technologies that make Manufacturing great. For more information on 2013’s Manufacturing Day and how you can share your manufacturing story, click on the headline and read all about it.

This brief article reviews the RAPID conference on additive manufacturing, presented by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) in Pittsburgh this past June. Manufacturing’s Make-Over is being led by new technologies and advances in 3D printing. No matter your opinion on the latest technology, it will change the face of manufacturing. Getting out in front of this, and understanding the implications it brings to new product design and prototyping will help companies get in front of this and not be taken by surprise. To read the review and find out about new job skills that will be in demand, check it out.

As a vegetarian (I know it’s not cool in manufacturing, but hey, it’s healthy), this headline makes me smile. Of course, it’s really less about pork products and more about foreign investment in U.S. companies. There are advantages to being a Western company, especially in the food industry where safety concerns about what we eat and how it’s processed are very real. The high level of trust in Western products can be a game changer when it comes to accessing global markets. For more on this, be sure to check out this eye-catching caption.

That’s the latest news round-up from NIST MEP. . . we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.

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